Thalia Teatro

Title: Shadows of Words

What will our performance be about you ask? A poetic performance with poems of Polish romantic writer Adam Mickiewicz and Slovak romantic writers of Stur´s generations. Ludovit Stur was a famous national Slovak writer in the second half of the 19th century. Mickiewicz influenced the work of Slovak romantic writers.

What is the idea of our performance? We will focus on the differences that connect us all. Each nations has own language. Slavic nations have only one possibility, how to tell another nations we are also there, in the revolutions years (1848)! Look at us! We want to be independent! We want to use own national languages: Slovak, Polish etc. The nations had to write poetry in their languages, play theatre in their languages, publish newspapers in their languages and support each other. The history teaches: there was a strong influence between the Slovak and Polish romantic generation. They both wanted to fight for the independence of Slavic nationalities in Europe. The ground of everything is the Slavic word. But in the 19th century there were just shadows of national words! That is the reason our performance is called Shadows of Words. Our performance will not be about revolution, it will be about first attempts of national poetry and newspapers, about friendships between Slovak and Polish nations. Poetry, music and performance… in front of an audience.

What will we learn during the workshop?

Role playing. How to re-enact the lifestyle and characters of people of the 19th century. Expression in motion. Voice and poetry. Write small author´s poems. Cooperate in a team of actors, co-working of actors with a reciter and a musician. How to use our body to make music on stage.  Work with properties – how to make a properties from paper (poems). What is the sense of props like symbol of words. 

What do you need to bring with you for the workshops: Positivism. Smile. Comedic ideas. Dreams. Courage. Something sweet (cookies) for colleagues in our workshop team. Your friends! Pen and two papers: One for your poetry or ideas, the second for paper boats or aeroplanes. Your favourite poem by Mickiewicz. 


The idea: Let´s play poetry with the music and sounds of the street!

Working sessions will be led by Mgr. Monika Necpálová, author, actress and director of authorial theatrical projects, teacher of creative pedagogy and drama, absolvent of The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU), The Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy. 

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