Czech Republic

Continuo Theatre

Title: LIMEN

This workshop acknowledges some of the major transformations that have happened in the arts in the last century. As such, it is oriented towards what Hans-Thies Lehmann coined as "post dramatic theatre”, that is theatre which breaks from traditional dramatic structure, which has as its principle defining factor, dramatic dialogue. “Composed theatre” in the broadest sense of the term is an experimental form which draws on methods of composition usually employed by music. Thus the organizing principle can be said to derive from a musical sensibility.

In our meeting we will primarily work with the body and sound (instruments and/or voice) as the main ingredients of a stage-figure. We will analyse different levels of semiotic engagement, i.e. what is contributing to the creation of meaning, and how. We will work with elements such as chorus, fragmentation, language types, techniques of improvisation, listening etc…

What do you need for the workshop: musical instruments are welcome. Comfortable clothes suitable for physical work.

Working sessions will be led by the members of Continuo Theatre.

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