Czech Republic

Continuo Theatre

Theme: "My Hero"

The word "legend" has more meanings. In the literature it is about the life of saints, martyrs and heros. It can be also a text as an explanation in the maps, pictures and technical books. Also the invented story is known as "legend".

But where do legends of our being "stem" and what kind of are they?

The body in the space and the space in the body are topics, which will be the main pillars of Continuo's workshop. Throught the work with the body, material and also objects under the leadership of Continuo you can search for and find stories, which take place deep inside of us as well as in the world, which is around us.  

The content of the workshop will be based on the work of the Continuo Theatre: a search for an authentic, personal expression by connecting an  artistic representation with physical acting, rhythm, and musicality.
The work will focus on actors' basic means of expression (movement, rhythm, voice), on team work/duets/solos. The workshop's starting point will be a series of exercises based on the Continuo work methods, which include the following topics:
- Body and space
- Centre of gravity
- Work with a partner
- Rhythm and musicality
- Voice and text
Working sessions will be led by the members of Continuo Theatre.
Work shall go on for 4 to 6 hours daily, and will be rather intensive. Good physical and psychological condition, as well as serious interest in the workshop, is therefore a precondition of participation.
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