The Winged Dragons Theatre (Hungary)

Saint George, and the Dragon

Stilts and puppet theatre with live music, with a sense of Hungarian folklore.
Director: László Rumi

Performers: Zsuzsa Papp, Dávid Fekete, Benjámin Pestalits, Benedek Csepi, Sándor Nagy, István Juhász

Everyone knows the story of Saint George and the dragon, how the beast frightened the people and eat a virgin every year, till only the Kings daughter left. Then came a crusader knight and slay the monster, saving the princess and the kingdom. In Hungary, in Nyírbátor we have a local legend of Saint George, and we play their story every year in the middle of july as a rite. We use different ways of street theatre to tell this story again and again, with a use of giant puppets, high stilts, live music and so. Our show is a playful essence of this trial of elements and tradition.
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