The Old Dovecote

Nikolai Veprev
Stage movement:
Dominika Jucha
Nikolai Veprev
The story takes place in old, abandoned place, inhabited by pigeons. This desolate dovecote in the middle of nowhere is attracting those who are lonesome, misunderstood and rejected by society. Regarded by other people as weirdoes and loners, here, in this god-forsaken place, among pigeons, they can find human warmth and – with time – mutual understanding.
The performance is about strangeness, which, when put in the right place to find its inner beauty, can spread wings and fly into the world.
partnerzy ckis Visegrad Fund art prometheus Nyirbatorert Alapitvany Thalia Teatro Radio Centrum Kalisz
Gateway to La Strada. 2015 CKiS. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.