Romeo, Juliet and the virus
Script and direction: Jakub Nvota
Music: Kamil Mikulčík
Production: Jakub Nvota a Jana Suraová
Stage and costumes: Nataša Štefunková
Starring: Jakub Nvota, Lucia Rózsa Hurajová, Štefan Richtarech, Štefan Martinovič, Martin Melo /Kamil Mikulčík
Length of the performance: 1 h 5 min
            After the outdoor plays “Hamlet or finding a skull” (2001) and “Macbeth or much blood for nothing” (2002), the theatre group comes with the third marvellous performance - Romeo, Juliet and the virus. Shakespearian drama was once again transformed into an excelent rhymed comedy full of original humour of Túlavé Divadlo Theatre Group. Authors were flirting with the idea of depicting the relationship of Romeo and Juliet in the context of our modern world. They asked themselves a question, whether their age is still suitable for playing the parts of the main protagonists. When they gave themselves a negative answer, they searched for a witty way of solving the problem. They focused on relationships in the modern world, which are often virtual thanks to the technical achievement of our times. And the reality vanishes.
            And so, we meet an aging actor Jožko, who would love to play the part of  Romeo, but, because of his age, he has to stick with the part of Juliet’s nanny. The role of Romeo is taken by a younger college, and Jožko tries to avenge himself in a duel as Thyablt. The only actress of the theatre group compels to play the part of Juliet. Everything is even more complicated due to the Montecs’ tic. An important role is played by traditional Slovak pastry, which is just completely out of place. All that combines with the humour and refinement of these talented comedians. Actors wear historic costumes, the language however is modern and the performance is accompanied by live music (accordion).
partnerzy ckis Visegrad Fund art prometheus Nyirbatorert Alapitvany Thalia Teatro Radio Centrum Kalisz
Gateway to La Strada. 2015 CKiS. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.