Continuo Theatre 


In the last few years Continuo Theatre has been utilizing the life stories of the eyewitnesses who live in the neighbourhood of the Plum Yard, the seat of Continuo in a village called Malovice in Southern Bohemia. They have already used them for the site specific projects Landscape on the Request and Scars in the Stone, and the productions Neighbours and The Victim. The Victim is based on the memories of a few Jewish witnesses who were imprisoned in the concentration camp Auschwitz. The long-standing experience with the stories of those who still remember has given Continuo the idea for their new street project called NOW? The members of Continuo Theatre have decided to work only with their immediate personal feelings, experiences, dreams and perceptions collected during their everyday  work and life. They are going to use a lot of improvisation and response to the stimuli from the place where a particular performance will take place. Such approach also influences the use of the space for the performance. There is no stable stage and auditorium, the space varies during the performance. The auditorium becomes the stage and the audience find themselves together with the performers. Some scenes take place in the midst of the audience, the others surround them so they are in the middle of the performers.
            Radio news, newspaper articles, generally accepted “truths”, which are never discussed, and topics which are discussed all the time, dreams and the latest experiences of all the Continuo members – all these have become the sources of the new performance. This time Continuo is trying to introduce a theatrical experiment – it is an attempt of producing the performance in a “live broadcast”, i.e. now.
            Continuo is based on physical theatre above all. A performer´s body, breath, voice, words and singing are brought face to face with the image of the world whose formation we all participate in. What is stronger? Our own feelings and what we experience ourselves or our opinions and attitudes which are formed under the influence of our environment? Are we able to say anything authentic or is it possible nothing but to copy, cut, and patch together? Are we able to accept our experiences, feelings, states, pictures from our dreams which we might not understand and are not able to express in words although we have experienced them?  NOW? is an attempt to transfer these pre-verbal states of the soul into such a form which can be communicated to other people even if it is not expressed in words. It is expressed in the movement of the performers´ bodies and various visual means. It is expressed in the unique co-existence of a fragile human body and its soul. It is poetry without words.
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