Director: Mikołaj Wiepriew
Actors: Mikołaj Wiepriew, Dominika Jucha, Sabina Drąg + 1 technical operator
Duration of the performance: 40 min. 
„Maruczella” combines humour, unique stylistics of the Silent Cinema and  Federico Fellini’e films to create the most extraordinary performace which rivets the audience from the very beginning.
Nostaligic at moments, then hilarious, it captures the audience’s attention up to the last seconds of the show. Losing all track of time and the here and now we are trasferred together with the actors to the old Railway Station where the smoke of long forgotten steam locomotives invites us to make a romantic journey. 
The journey during which the acting like delicate lace paints in front of our eyes the pictures of courtship, flirts and love scenes. Perfectly linking mime art with dance-comedy scenes  „Maruczella” entertains and at the same time evokes a feeling of warm nostalgia for the unique and unrepeatable atmosphere of the time never to be back.
 „Maruczella” won:
partnerzy ckis Visegrad Fund art prometheus Nyirbatorert Alapitvany Thalia Teatro Radio Centrum Kalisz
Gateway to La Strada. 2015 CKiS. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.