Art Prometheus O.S. - Czech Republic
Art Prometheus was founded in 2001 and from the beginning its main object is support and organize culture events and activities. Especially projects, which based on international cooperation, that help create culture dialogue among european countries. We were a part of such significant projects like EXPO 2010 in Shanghai or supporting programme of festival United Islands. We also realize the International Prague OUT-DOOR Theatre Festival.
We are a group of people enchanted by the charm of theatre, by the charm of the „artistry of the moment". We specialize in the sphere of theatre production, production itself and cultural management in general. We believe that the need of Art as a shared human experience is a basic human need.
Thalia Teatro - Slovakia

Theatre Thalia Teatro from under Desert Castle in Zvolen prepares performances special for children and families, also street theatre and alternative cabaret but not just. Performances are interactive, usually contribute with literary, dramatical and puppet workshops. Thalia Teatro tries to cooperate with schools and bring theatre into education. Thalia Teatro wants to bring theatre production near to people. It also wants to prepare performances for Slovak people living abroad. International project are special part of Thalia Teatro´s production. Plays are authorial, they usually combines radio drama with puppets. Creators with theatre see children in Belgium, Serbia, Czech republic, Croatia. Theatre prepares also lots of programs like International day of children, international drama festival Hriňovské dni divadla, Concerts, Miles for mother, Wood of fairy tales, etc.


Foundation for Nyirbator - Hungary
The aim of the foundation: protecting the local tradition and cultural heritage, strengthening the civil public and educating for healthy lifestyle. The 'Nyírbátorért' (For Nyírbátor) foundation founded in 1996, aimed to enrich the cultural life of the town. Mostly it connects to active processes, cooperating with other cultural organizations. Foundation organize the "Szárnyas Sárkány" Week International Street Theatre Festival.

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