Andrzej Tylczyński (Poland)


At the 20th jubilee of " LA Strada" in Kalisz Nikola Theatre presented the premiere of Krakow spectacle "The Impresario". The show is very intimate, captivating unusual on the street poetry and magic.
She - crippled girl . Stooped in an old coat and felt little hat on her head. Pulls a wooden sled, holding in her hand a little, old music box. Awkwardly enters the sled. Glass melody sounds float from barrel organ.
             He - The Impresario - dressed in black, worn tuxedo and top hat that hides his gray hair. He sees the girl and throwing her coin with disregard.
 Impresario starts casting. Through the golden branch introduces another candidate for the worldly life. They seem not to see girdling the limb spider's web. Start to work. They're trying to be sexy models, but the high heels bother them. In time, they develop self-confidence . Aware of their women attributes, seduce viewers. They begin to be famous. They drink champagne, which gives them Master. Colorful, tabloid press writes about them.
The Impresario knows that he creates trash. He wants more. Harnessed arts to his vision. Lashing whip of the old piano keyboard.
They adore him. He gave them a chance, He has created them! Great Impresario flawlessly juggles white balls.
But the fact that women are ultimately committed him is not enough for Impresario. On the street scene appears golden mannequin and he puts it in motion. It is His ideal of womanhood.
When he is alone, convinced that women do not see him, he pulls out of the closet naked, golden branches. He lifts them up and now stands before us Lucifer from "The Divine Comedy " by Dante. Golden limb, wrapped in a spider's network, it becomes something more than just a gateway to a career. It is gateway to eternity, which welcomes Dante ominous maxim:

" Lasciate display speranza , voi ch'entrate ". "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here " (Dante "Inferno").
Impresario is the Demiurge, juggling human destiny. Producing an apparent ideal - the Golden Calf, which passively fulfill his orders. Impresario - fallen Angel - Satan. Is there no hope?
On the stage we see again awkwardly crippled girl. She pulls her wooden sled, stand on them, smiling serenely to the whole world . She pulls out a coin and in a gesture of compassion throws it at Impresarios. The story comes full circle.
Nicholas Wiepriew - actor and director of the show - charmed the audience. Before our eyes, the old street clown became the street poet. Accompanying girls - Dominika and Jana - excellent partner him.

Please, see the Wiepriew performence. If you do not feel the fear of the Gate ...

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Gateway to La Strada. 2015 CKiS. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.