Monika Necpálová (Slovakia)

Fiesta in the Streets

Street theatre is a phenomenon followed by many people in Slovakia. It combines a puppet show, radio drama, circus and physical theatre. In Slovakia we can even find festivals specialised in this kind of art. Usually they are organized in castles during the summer, but some of them are organized at the markets during the autumn.
Very famous festival is Kremnické gagy in Kremnica. Street theatre is an important part of tourism also in the castle of Bojnice, for example the Festival of Ghosts and Monster. Orava and Beckov castles are excellent settings for open-air theatre.  During 2013, when the Eastern Slovakian city of Košice was an European capital of culture, there were many more festivals of theatre directly in the streets of the city. Another interesting festival is also the Festival of pantomime PAN organized by mime Miroslav Kasprzyk. This festival celebrated 20 years in the year 2013.
Our theatre “Thalia Teatro” has been performing at the Festival of street theatre Divadelné podzámčie in Zvolen.  During the spring, members of our theatre Thalia Teatro have successfully organized the festival Hriňovské Dni Divadla. It is not a typical festival of street theatre, but rather master classes of physical theatre and pantomime for actors. The workshops were prepared in cooperation with our guest teachers, Teatr Nikoli lead by Nikolai Veprev and also Miro Kasprzyk. The main goal of the festival Hriňovské Dni Divadla is to train up young people in nonverbal theatre and give them the opportunity to meet various international theatre schools.
Further worth mentioning are the numerous feasts organized in Slovakia, that have international attendance, such as: Night of Theatre; Night of Museums and Galleries; Night of Monsters; Night of Poetry; Night of Castles; Night of Fear or Andersen Night.
The main purpose of street theatre is to offer to the audience the direct contact with art, and simultaneously to offer to the artists the possibility the self presentation. Street theatre is therefore an important part of the Slovak culture. Many of the actors start their carriers namely in the street. There is a long and rich tradition of street theatre in our country.
Usually, there are two very important factors in street theatre: humour and fear. Therefore the audience can be both children and adults. The actor’s role is to impress people who just pass by and this requires great skills. Then it is up to the people to decide – stay to watch the performance or go away.
Street theatre is interactive art form and it can work well with an audience. It uses colours, musical instruments and live music, it works with an easy stage or without scenography. It combines songs, poetry, comedy, physicality, non-verbal language, dance and masks. It is mostly meant to be performed during sunny days, but actually can be prepared for all kinds of weather. It is not so easy to perform in the street, but it is a rich experience for the audience and also for the actors. Street theatre is a tradition that has been living for many years and it is in the interest of Thalia Teatro to include this art form in our repertoire and by that contribute to keeping this beautiful tradition alive.
Monika Necpálová (Thalia Teatro, Slovakia)
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