Adam Ondráček
ART Prometheus o.s.
Prague opens doors to the world of miraculous street theatre

Annually held Za dveřmi festival is the biggest street theatre event in Czech republic and brings every July number of european and local pieces to the Old Town Square, Wenceslavs square and several other streets and public spaces.

Festival was founded in 2008 by ART Prometheus, leading organisation in indepedendent theatre and festivals industry in Czech republic with the aim to fill summer lazy Prague with theatre. This Aim was fullfilled finally last year when Za dveřmi joined another summer theatre festival - International festival of clownery Zero Point - and created together seven days crammed with outdoor and indoor performances. High stilts and juggling, heart-touching evening shows with fire and lights but also breath-taking entertaining clownery shows in the festival centre at Theatre Celetná.

“Prague as one huge theatre stage” wrote leading theatrical paper Divadelní noviny. And they were true - every day you may come to the center of Prague and spot next to historical sights performances from ensembles like V.O.S.A. Theatre (CZ) with their “High Dreaming” piece, which was highly awarded at Europe square at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai or at Lublin Festival.

If you had a chance and bought sold-out tickets for Paolo Nani ´s show “La Lettera” you ended up with a pain in your belly - as quoting newspaper articles “Nani totally usurped the viewer and did not give him even a moment to breathe out to rest from laughing”.

ART Prometheus has due to his director, Jakub Vedral traditionally strong ties to polish theatrical scene. The festival is proud to be cooperating for example with Polish Cultural Institute in Prague. As his director said in last year festival´s opening “polish theatre has much to offer in the field of outdoor theatre and so its place is on such a places like Edinburgh festival or Prague festival Za dveřmi.” In last years festival staged for example Teatr Kana, Biuro Podrózy or Teatr Ósmiego Dnia.

International cooperation grows from year to year - last volume of International festival of outdoor theatre Za dveřmi brought to Prague ensembles and individuals from more then 12 countries, including orient-scented japanese puppeter Nori Sawa, legends of clownery like United Kingdom´s leading actress Nola Rae or russian freaking-out and outer space minded BlackSKYWhite.

In 2012 there is 4th volume of International festival of street theatre Za dveřmi coming to the historical centre of Prague bringing alongwith performaces from several european countries worldwide known stars as Teatr Biuro Podrózi or german Antagon Theater. Come to be with us in streets from 16. to 22. of July 2012.

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