Since 2010 LA STRADA festival has had a new publication – „LA STRADA News” – a magazine about the street theatres in Poland and Europe. It focuses on street theatres, their artistic activities, their standing and people. It presents towns and countries from the street perspective, which is a stage for these theatres and their actors.

LA STRADA News”, addressed to street theatre people, has become a forum for exchanging thoughts, opinions on street art and presenting artistic visions. People such as, among others, Alina Obidniak, Lech Raczak, Ewa Wójciak, Jerzy Zoń, Paweł Szkotak, Marcin Herich, Elwira Twardowska, Przemek Grządziela, Darek Jarosiński as well as people from the Eastern, Southern and Western Europe have voiced their opinions.

The project „GATE TO LA STRAD” and its website provide an excellent opportunity to voice an opinion for many others who have been left voiceless because of the so far printed form only available only. Your articles, reviews, opinions, anegtotes are most welcome!

With warm regards -
Andrzej Tylczyński
Krzysztof Pierzchlewski

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